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In the last year, you have gone through some change.

Professionally speaking, you now have a real home office. Your 60-minute commute is now 60 steps from your bed. And all your meetings can be found on at least one screen on your laptop.

Personally, the dreaded drive to your families for Thanksgiving and the holidays didn’t happen. You can’t remember that last time you watched a movie that wasn’t streaming. Or the last time you went to a nice restaurant that wasn’t crammed into a tent.

The era of COVID-19 has meant many things to many people, including inactivity and weight gain.

As we near the most anticipated beach season in history—yes, the snow is actually melting—you must ask yourself something: Is my fluffy, good-enough-for-quarantine body ready to go on public display at my favorite beach? Do you have beach-ready legs?

Inactivity and weight gain are also driving factors for vein insufficiency, which means poor blood circulation in your leg veins. Over time, that condition can create complications, such as unsightly varicose veins, spider veins and deep vein thrombosis.

But here’s the good news: We have a plan that you can start within the next 30 days that will put you and your legs on a healthier course—right to the nearest beach.

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