Why Choose Vein Specialist Centers in New York City?

Internationally renowned and widely revered, Dr. Claudia Rios is a one-of-a-kind vein specialist in Manhattan’s Upper East Side neighborhood. As a board-certified Vein Specialist and Diplomate of the American Board of Vascular and Lymphatic Medicine (ABVLM), Dr. Rios is an accomplished vein surgeon in New York City. She serves as the lead physician and partner at the Vein Specialist Centers of NYC. Our vein center features state-of-the-art technology:

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Our New York City Vein Doctor

Dr. Claudia Rios-Datta joined the Vein Specialist Centers in 2021 after more than a decade of experience at the highly regarded Vein Treatment Center in New York City with Dr. Luis Navarro. Since then, she has become one of the most sought-after NYC vein doctors for varicose vein treatment. Spurred by patient testimonials and specialized techniques she developed to enhance patient experience and outcomes, Dr. Rios has also become a reliable source for other vein clinics in New York City for second opinions and corrective vein treatments. Having a thorough understanding of the healing phases with leg vein treatment, she is also developing a skin cream to use before and after sclerotherapy for enhanced skin recovery. A well-recognized influencer in vein medicine, she regularly posts on Instagram: @claudiariosmd.

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A Uniquely Manhattan Vein Treatment Experience

Let’s be honest – patients in New York City expect more, especially given the immense expertise all around the city. For this reason, we made sure that our vein clinic in New York City has the best of everything, and that is undoubtedly true about Dr. Rios. For countless patients in New York, she has provided a whole new level of confidence restoring natural beauty and healthy legs. Using state-of-the-art technology, Dr. Rios provides more than surface-level treatment for spider and varicose veins by addressing the underlying cause of vein disease.

Long-lasting improvement depends on an in-depth understanding of each patient’s unique anatomy. At our flagship office on the Upper East Side, Dr. Rios and her team perform on-site ultrasounds at the time of your initial consultation. As a true expert committed to the highest quality of results, Dr. Rios leads from the front and is often seen directly performing parts of the ultrasound herself to fully understand your condition and customize treatments.

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Vein Treatments in New York City

During your treatment, whether it’s vein ablation or ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy, Dr. Rios has mastered the delivery of painless procedures. Unless requested, our vein clinic in NYC performs all minimally-invasive procedures without anesthesia or unnecessary sedation. Besides the increased safety using our protocols, the clinic saves patients the unneeded expense of an anesthesiologist or surgical room fees. Additionally, patients at our NYC location can opt for cryo-sclerotherapy.

Beyond the Borders of Manhattan

Dr. Rios-Datta is deeply devoted to treating vein disease. She has volunteered her time and expertise to the Hackett Hemwall Patterson Foundation, providing vein treatments to underserved populations in developing countries. In 2023, she traveled to Honduras with our lead ultrasound technician, Suzan Chaghlil, to train colleagues on minimally-invasive techniques. During her one-week visit, Dr. Rios-Datta and four other vein doctors treated over 1,000 patients with advanced vein disease.

Dr. Claudia Rios-Datta

The people of Honduras always welcome us with open arms and are very appreciative of the treatments that we provide. With limited access to healthcare facilities or medical resources, there is a great need for this mission trip. 

During every trip, we have the opportunity to learn from other healthcare professionals with different cultures and backgrounds, making this trip a unique experience. We form long-lasting friendships and gain a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Dr. Claudia Rios-Datta

What to Expect From Your Vein Consultation

When you come in for your first visit with our New York City vein doctor, it's a good idea to prepare a list of questions. We set aside ample time to make sure that we can answer all of your concerns thoroughly.

The vein doctor will focus on your vein symptoms and goals for treatment. If medically indicated, the vein doctor may request a venous ultrasound. This is done on-site and is the best way to identify the root cause of spider and varicose vein symptoms.

Before you leave, the vein doctor will individualize a treatment plan. We will address both your medical and cosmetic concerns. Any medically necessary procedures will be discussed and submitted to insurance for approval.

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Vein Treatments Offered


Renowned as a widely recognized and minimally invasive procedure, sclerotherapy involves the precise injection of a specialized solution directly into the affected veins. Over time, this specialized solution gradually shrinks the veins, resulting in their fading and significantly reducing the visibility of varicose and spider veins.

Vein Ablation

Our vein ablation procedures utilize advanced techniques such as radiofrequency and laser to offer a non-surgical solution for treating varicose veins. By applying controlled thermal energy, we effectively close off the affected veins, promoting improved blood flow and enhancing the overall appearance of your legs. 

Spider Veins / Varicose Veins

Experience our state-of-the-art treatments that specifically target spider veins and varicose veins, prioritizing both safety and effectiveness. With a comprehensive approach to vein treatment, we provide a diverse range of options, including VenaSeal, ClariVein, microphlebectomy, radiofrequency and laser vein ablation, and sclerotherapy.

Pioneering Advanced Techniques

Dr. Rios-Datta helped pioneer advanced techniques for sclerotherapy, which quickly turned spider vein treatments into pain-free, minimally invasive outpatient procedures in 2000. Dr. Rios-Datta is board certified in internal medicine, a member of the American College of Phlebology, and a Diplomate of the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine.

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Insurance Coverage

Our team is ready to assist you in navigating the insurance process, ensuring you clearly understand your coverage options.

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Your Visit

When you visit our New York City Vein Treatment location, our dedicated team will ensure that you feel well-informed, prepared, and cared for during your visit and beyond.

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Important Questions a Vein Clinic Should Answer 

Finding the right vein clinic is not simple when seeking treatment for spider and varicose veins. Take the time to explore your options and find someone compatible with your care. There are 6 questions we believe every patient should have answered before vein treatment.

Who Is The Vein Specialist?

A vein specialist should always be board-certified in a vascular specialty (cardiology, vascular medicine, or vascular surgery). Too often, we see vein clinics staffed by non-vascular physicians, in which case they might lack the experience for spider and varicose vein treatment.

What Vein Treatments Are Offered?

Vein treatment has become far more simplified and easier on patients. Most treatments can be performed in the office without surgical incisions or sedation. Effective treatments include vein ablation, sclerotherapy, and phlebectomy.

How is Vein Disease Evaluated?

The presence of spider and varicose veins suggests vein disease and can include symptoms such as leg cramps, restless legs, and/or swelling are further indications. Diagnosing vein disease can only be made with a diagnostic ultrasound to look at the size and function of leg veins.

Are Spider Veins Treated Here?

Not all vein doctors treat spider veins. This is often by choice, as some vein doctors add vein ablation to their medical clinics (cardiology, pain management, dermatology).  These offices focus only on higher-paying procedures and avoid more time-consuming spider vein treatments. A dedicated vein clinic will provide comprehensive care with honest treatment expectations.

Does Insurance Cover Vein Treatments?

Unless you have only cosmetic concerns, you are going to want to learn about your insurance coverage. This includes understanding your co-insurance for treatment with medically recommended procedures. Most procedures are covered; a dedicated insurance specialist can provide worry-free authorizations.

The Vein Specialist Centers are a network of dedicated vein clinics in New Jersey and New York.   Our vein specialists are board-certifed experts in spider and varicose vein treatment providing comprehesnive vein care under one roof.  Using cutting-edge therapies, we offer our patients minimally-invasive solutions for spider and varicose veins.  To schedule your consultation online or call us at 609-257-2095 to find your nearest clinic.

Getting To The Vein Specialist Centers in New York City

Our Vein Treatment Center in Midtown Manhattan is conveniently located near major NYC landmarks such as Central Park, New York Presbyterian Hospital - Cornell Campus, and The Plaza.

While New Yorkers have several options for vein clinics across the city, we believe we offer something very special with the one and only, Dr. Claudia Rios. And whether you are near Midtown or SoHo, we believe a trip to our vein center will be worth an extra few minutes traveling. The very best vein doctor in New York City is closer than you think!

Directions to The Vein Specialist Centers in New York Near You

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Directions To Our Vein Clinic Near Midtown East & Turtle Bay

With numerous cultural attractions and the convenience of being in the heart of Manhattan, Midtown East & Turtle Bay are among the most desirable neighborhoods in New York City. The two areas are often thought of as one neighborhood because of their close proximity and similar vibe. Midtown East & Turtle Bay is home to some of the most iconic and diverse architecture in Manhattan, including the Grand Central Station, the Chrysler Building, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Turtle Bay and Midtown East are just a short distance from our vein clinic; you can walk, ride the M, or simply take the 6 train.  An UBER ride can have you here in just 5 minutes convenient before and after vein treatment.

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Directions To Our Vein Clinic Near Murray Hill & Kips Bay

The medical corridor of NYU is located in Kips Bay and is home to some of the finest medical facilities in the world. Use 3rd Ave to travel up to 57th street and then turn at Madison Ave to reach our clinic

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Directions To Our Vein Clinic Near Sutton Place

In between Midtown East, Lennox Hill and the East River is Sutton Place.  A quiet neighborhood with stunning views of the East River and less than a mile from our top-rated vein clinic.  Take the M bus to see Dr. Rios bring about amazing results with sclerotherapy.  A taxi ride from Sutton Place will take you across 57th street to Madison Ave.

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Directions To Our Vein Clinic Near Chelsea, 

via W 23rd St and Madison Ave.

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Directions To Our Vein Clinic Near Stuyvesant Town,

Use 1st Ave and E 57th Street to arrive at our vein center

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Directions To Our Vein Clinic Near SoHo,

Take the N, R or 6 Train to see our vein doctor or take a ride up on 6th Ave and head over to Madison Ave

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Directions To Our Vein Clinic Near Yorkville

Residents of Yorkville are quite familiar with our vein specialist, Claudia Rios.  She spent over a decade at The Vein Treatment Center on the Upper East Side providing unparalleled care for spider and varicose veins.  Take the 4 or 6 train to the 59th St Stop or a short taxi ride service using 5th Ave

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Directions To Our Vein Clinic Near Lenox Hill, 

The Upper East Side (UES), is one of the most upscale areas in New York City and home to our world-class Vein Specialist Centers on Madison Ave.   The UES includes several smaller neighborhoods, including Lenox Hill, Carnegie Hill, and Yorkville.   Lenox Hill is only 1 mile from our office.

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Directions To Our Vein Clinic Near Lincoln Square (Upper West Side Manhattan), 

Lincoln Square is considered by many to be one of Manhattan’s most vibrant neighborhoods. It is a world-renowned locale on the Upper West Side rich with history and is a mecca for performing arts.  Lincoln Square is between the Hudson River and Central Park and draws large crowds to Columbus Circle for its luxury shopping, dining and architecture.   Home to the Lincoln Center and Juilliard School, Lincoln Square has the New York Philharmonic, NYC Ballet, and Metropolitan Opera.

Traveling to our vein center from Lincoln Square is super convenient traveling through Central Park. Discerning patients understand the importance of qualified expertise from a true vascular expert. For this reason, we are a trusted source for patients in the Upper West Side seeking vein treatment.

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Directions To Our Vein Clinic Near East Village,

The best route to our clinic is 1st Ave and take E 57th St or use the 6 Train from Astor Pl to 59 St Stop

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Directions To Our Vein Clinic Near Long Island City,

From the Queens-Midtown Tunnel, head up using 3rd Ave towards Madison Ave.

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Directions To Our Vein Clinic Near Me

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