Indication of Vein Disease

Leg pain and cramping are typically an indication of vein disease. Leg cramps, also known as Charley horses, occur when there are involuntary contractions of your leg muscles. Because varicose veins can cause leg pains and cramps, the best course of action is to receive a vein consultation and see if vein disease is causing your discomfort. Contact the top vein specialists in NJ and NY to see if varicose vein treatments will help alleviate your leg pains and cramps.

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What Are Leg Pains and Cramps?

Leg pains and cramps are common symptoms experienced by individuals with vein disease, typically caused by poor blood circulation in the legs. These sensations can feel like a sharp or dull pain, cramping, or aching in the legs and may be accompanied by swelling, heaviness, or discomfort. Some of the unique symptoms include:

  • Heaviness in the leg that worsens towards the end of the day and eases with rest and elevation
  • Charley horses, or painful sensations in the feet or calves
  • Swelling of the calves or ankles that also worsens toward the end of the day
  • Restless leg syndrome, which involves involuntary urges to shift your legs to alleviate discomfort

Treatment Options for Underlying Venous Insufficiency

Vein Specialist Centers are innovative vein clinics guided by a team of board-certified cardiac and vascular experts specializing in recognizing and treating all causes of leg pains and cramps. 


Sclerotherapy is a standard medical procedure used to treat spider veins. It involves injecting a sclerosant into a vein to obliterate it altogether.


VenaSeal™ safely closes off damaged veins using a special glue, providing an equally effective alternative to RF ablation for treating venous insufficiency.


Radiofrequency ablation is the standard in-office treatment for venous insufficiency. It uses a small catheter to deliver heat energy to close the abnormal vein without hospitalization or general anesthesia.


The ClariVein treatment combines two techniques that mechanically and chemically treat underlying venous insufficiency using a small catheter to treat the diseased vein.


Microphlebectomy is one of the most effective treatments for large bulging varicose veins, involving the removal of the affected vein in small sections through tiny incisions. This brief procedure is typically only offered by skilled vein clinics and can be performed under local anesthesia in an office setting.

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Top Vein Specialists in NJ and NY

At Vein Specialist Centers, our top board-certified vein specialists in New Jersey and New York will provide you with a thorough consultation and diagnosis during your visit. We will review your medical history and utilize appropriate imaging tools, such as ultrasound, to accurately diagnose your leg pain and cramping. Once a diagnosis has been made, we will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan to alleviate your symptoms. Comprehensive, compassionate care for vein disease management is a hallmark of Vein Specialist Centers, and you can expect the highest quality treatments. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards healthier circulation.

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