Research Your Doctor Before Your Appointment

Here are some guidelines for your research:

  • How long has your doctor been in practice?
  • Are they board-certified in vascular medicine?
  • What treatments does your vein doctor specialize in?
  • Does your vein doctor have positive reviews?

Look for a solid team of vein doctors.

Having a team of doctors specialized in spider and varicose vein treatment benefits your care.  Some of the best vein clinics have a collaboration of specialists in vascular surgery, interventional cardiology, and vascular medicine to share expertise and best practices.
Fits Your Schedule
In some cases, you will need to make several visits to your vein clinic to complete your treatments and provide ongoing care.  Choose a vein clinic with convenient locations and hours for your schedule.

See What Others Have to Say

Take them with a grain of salt, but take advantage of the online reviews that are available. You want to go to a highly rated and reviewed center so your chances of getting good care and having a satisfactory experience are higher.
What Treatment Is Right For You
Vein clinics vary based on the types of doctor(s) and treatment options available. Unfortunately, it’s become more common than ever for patients to receive unnecessary vein treatments for the benefit of the practice, not the patient.

Moreover, based on the high volume of patients seeking vein treatments in NYC, there has been an increase in the number of vein clinics.   Unfortunately, not every vein doctor has the background or expertise to deliver the care you need.  A smoothe and rewarding experience depends on the quality and training of your doctor.

We present this to help guide your search for the best vein clinic experience.

Modern vein treatments are minimally-invasive and non-disruptive to your routine.  Choosing the right treatment depends on your personal condition and goals.  We have outlined the factors that will guide your decision.

Medical procedures are wise choices for patients with ongoing symptoms due to varicose veins.  Understanding what lies beneath the surface is best managed by qualified vascular specialists.  For asymptomatic patients, spider veins can be easily managed with more simple treatments like sclerotherapy and laser vein removal.

Every patient is different and treatment should be personalized. Your vein specialist can help you select the right treatment for you based on symptoms, prior treatments, anatomy, co-existing health factors and most importantly personal goals.

Medical and cosmetic treatments for spider and varicose vein treatment

  1. Sclerotherapy – A sclerosant is directly injected into spider and reticular veins to cause the vessels to collapse and reabsorb
  2. Ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy – Unseen veins beneath the surace of the skin can be identified using special lights or ultrasound for direct injections.  Because these veins are slightly larger, the sclerostant is formulated into a foam to create greater interaction with the vessel walls. Cryo-sclerotherapy is used by skilled vein specialists to minimize or even eliminate the discomfort of the tiny injections.
  3. Vein Ablation – Radiofrequency (RF) vein ablation is the gold standard of vein treatment and is often covered by medical insurance when selected. In this procedure, a tiny catheter is inserted into the diseased vein causing symptoms and signs of vein disease including spider and varicose veins.  In treating the underlying cause, the targeted vein is permanently cured in a 20-25 minute procedure performed in the office with local anesthetic.  There is no downtime post procedure and patients can return to their usual routines with minor exceptions.
  4. VenaSeal – Similar to vein ablation, VenaSeal is used to treat the underlying cause of symptomatic spider and varicose veins. However, instead of using heat, the catheter seals the diseased vein by delivering a medical adhesive.  With time, the abnormal vein is dissolved and blood is re-routed to healthy parts of your circulation.

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